Sunday, September 9, 2012

Camera Hospital...

Okay, so this is the situation:
Some days ago I went out to take some pictures (as many times before) of the sky and pick up some apples from our backyard to make an apple pie. Anyway, after that I went in and didn't think so much of......
....but wait!!! MY CANON 60D!!... shit!! I forgot it outside the hole night and it had rained......
So now it's broken and it probably gonna take a while before I get it fixed, so that means that I can't update as much as before, but don't worry, I have some backup plans and some Cameras that I maybe can use sometimes... but still! I'm so angry at my self! ahhg! So if anyone have some tips how to wake up a water damaged Camera, please comment!


  1. so sorry to hear that...try leaving it in a bowl of rice for awhile!

  2. You have a really nice blog and it's sad that you can't update so much!

  3. Aw no, your camera :( I love this photo of the clouds though.