Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Kreativ Blogger"

Thank you so much Anna for your "blog award"!!

These are the rules:

Write a blog post, in which you post the award picture and copy these instructions . Furthermore, link your post to the person who gave the award to you and inform him/her, that you accept the award per comment on their blog. Additionally leave a link to your post about the award in the comment.

Then think of 2 or 5 of your favourite blogs, also link them in your post and leave these people a comment, in which you inform them, that they had been given this award by you. Link your own award post in this comment, so they can read and copy these instructions.

Yeah, and also: write 10 things about yourselves so the readers can learn something new about you!

Dear Bloggers: The intention of this award is to promote rather unknown, but good and interesting blogs, therefore please do not give this award to already “famous” blogs with many readers, but give this award to talented beginners or people who have been blogging for a while and are yet rather unknown.

I give my award further to this two, who I think deserve to shine a little bit more (klick on the pictures) :

and last,
Here's the "10 things about myself":

1.I wanna live in NY
2.Dream job?: maybe actress or fashion photographer
3.I dance five different dances
4.I love secondhand
5. I don't like to look like everyone else
6. Inde is the best music genre right now
7. I'm going to Greece on Saturday! yea!
8. On of my biggest dreams is to experience NY fashion week
9. I've always wanted to be a model, but yeah....to short! (1,52 m)
10. I talk a lot! :)


  1. Tack :D:D Jag la upp de på min blogg också :))

  2. what do you dance?
    you could be a beauty model, for that you can be any size! ;)

  3. I dance: waacking, house, show-jazz, reggaeton and modern dance :)